How To Find Happiness

How To Find Happiness
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How To Find Happiness

 How To Find Happiness 

People are always looking for happiness. But they are looking for it in external stimuli. Hence they feel that if they find a soulmate, get married, they will be happy. But what actually happens is that they find that the other person does not really love them, and this leads to a divorce and ultimately more unhappiness. Or they feel that once they get the promotion and become the boss, they will become happy. But once that happens, they get so bogged down by responsibilities and time pressures; they realize that they were much happier earlier!

Is Happiness Elusive?

Does this mean that happiness is missing? There is no happiness anywhere. That is not true. After all, you do see so many happy faces around you. So what is it that they have and you don’t? We can look into a number of things around us to help us understand all this better and try to achieve happiness in the way!

Find Happiness Within

You are not happy as you are looking for happiness outside. The fact is that you need to be finding happiness within. Do you really think that the happy people around you have no problems? In fact, they have the same problems as you, or even more. Still they are happy as they have decided to be happy. They know that being unhappy is not going to solve their problems. Hence they have decided to be happy while they resolve their issues too. Hence happiness is a product that came from within!

Just hoping that a soulmate will make you happy is not a good idea. It is not someone else’s responsibility to make you happy. Just like you, even your partner has challenges. So allow for this and do not bother him/her to make you happy too. You need to decide to be happy and take things in your stride. Problems are a part and parcel of your life. In fact, happiness and sadness are parts of the same coin. Hence you need to accept these as they come. How can you expect to get all good things for yourself and leave all problems for someone else?

Try to think when you had been the happiest. Was it in a big car, or in a big house or with a lot of money in the bank? You were the happiest with your loved ones, enjoying nature or just chatting with them or sleeping with your head in your mother’s lap. You were not happy with the latest smartphone or the biggest TV. Hence running after these today will not help. Because even if you get these, you may still not be that happy!

It Is Here And Now

You will be happy when you are retired and living a comfortable life. You will be happy when your child gets admission into a college. You will be happy after you have saved enough. But will you be even alive at that time? Since we live in a world of uncertainties, how can you do future planning like this? The time to be happy is today and now. Each minute gone is a minute lost. You will never be getting it back. So go ahead and make the most of your life. It is a beautiful life. You have so much which do not have. So count your blessings and make the most of these moments.

Spread Happiness

Another way of finding happiness is by spreading it around. Smile at people, including strangers. Share a joke. Have a cheerful personality. In case you have achieved something, share it with others. If you have enough money, donate some to the needy. If you are educated, teach someone who is not. If you have a business, employ someone who needs a job. Try to be helpful to others. Bring cheer into other’s life too. There cannot be a better way to achieve happiness than by bringing happiness into someone else’s life.

 Happiness Gives Energy

Whatever you do requires a certain amount of energy. And you have a finite source of energy. Somehow, being happy makes it easier to do tasks, including the unpleasant ones. This is because you are not thinking about the unpleasantness of the task, but only focused on completing it. Your happiness will let you look at the positive aspects of this task. Hence you consume lesser energy and finish the task in a much faster way.

Somehow happiness increases your metabolic rate. You feel more energetic and do things faster. Besides, you will also like the people around you. This is why happy people seldom get into fights. They accept others for who they are. Such people are more adjusting and able to sustain relationships longer. People like to stay around happy people. Besides making you emotionally stable, you will be physically stronger too as your immunity enhances. This is because you would not be thinking about minor ailments like cough, cold, fatigue and so on. Hence you will be physically stronger and fitter too.


This is the best ways for finding happiness. This is because exercise helps to release hormones in the body that promote happy vibes. These take away the stress from the body. You think of positive things. The fact is that all of us face stress in our daily lives. Hence we tend to move towards smoking, drinking, and binge eating or even drugs in order to achieve some relief. All of us know how harmful all these activities are. Hence doing some form of physical exercise can be an amazing stress reliever as well as good for your body too. Opt for anything that interests you. It can be the gym, jogging, swimming, cycling, horse riding, golf or anything else. If you enjoy the activity, you will enjoy it for a longer time.

As you can see, it is easy to achieve happiness. You simply need to decide and then continue with your decision each moment of your life!

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