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Does Provillus Really Work?

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Provillus is one of the many companies out there that suggest a hair loss cure is just a purchase away. Hair loss is on the mind of many these days, and they’re just one of hundreds of companies claim to have a cure just around the corner.


What is Provillus?

Said to be a completely natural hair regrowth formula available for both men and women suffering from natural, genetic hair loss, this hair loss treatment seems to be gaining a slew of support from both its male, and even more amazingly, female users.  This all natural treatment package comes with two separate pieces: the topical lotion formula for direct treatment and a capsulated nutritional substance.  Both of these forms are said to support natural and fast hair regrowth for those suffering from genetic baldness.  This treatment method does not provide any guarantee for those suffering from other hair loss causes, though.


Benefits of Using Provillus

If you search for Provillus review hair loss treatment online, you will notice hundreds of positive reviews outlining the benefits of using this ingenious product. Here are the benefits in summary.

  • It provides nutrition required for vibrant hair growth and development
  • Comes in two formulations that stimulate hair growth from inside out
  • It contains proprietary ingredients well known for promoting hair regrowth and preventing baldness.
  • You can choose between the male and female formulation
  • It doesn’t come with any side effects
  • It’s effectiveness is scientifically proven and confirmed by thousands of happy previous customers

Provillus Pros

  • You don’t need prescription to buy the treatment
  • The supplement is safe for both men and women of all ages.
  • You can use together with other dietary supplement and hair products
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Cheaper and safer than surgical methods


Provillus Cons

  • It can take up to three months to start experiencing significant results.
  • Can be costly for long-term use
  • Only available online


What claims are making it so popular?

According to countless Provillus reviews and feedback forums, this treatment seems to have the fastest and most satisfying results out of the entire natural hair regrowth market.  It is said to work with the natural changes in your body that are the cause of hair loss in a vast majority of the population.   In men, DHT circulates through the blood leading to a thinning of the hair. Eventually, it causes hair growth to stop all together when it binds to hair follicle receptors.

The process is fairly similar in women, but the naturally released hormone in that case is FPB. Provillus uses a natural compound within the capsule part of the treatment which is supposed to block the circulation of DHT (or FPB in the women’s formula).  This pill contains vitamin B6, the most vital vitamin for healthy hair growth, as well as other natural nutrients that are said to be crucial to natural hair growth, such as zinc, biotin, and saw palmetto.  The pills also contain an extract form of many herbs, including gotu kola and eleuthero root.

The topical solution included in the treatment process is essentially a Minoxidil compound, an ingredient approved by the FDA, and proven to prevent hair loss, as well as stimulate the growth of new hair.  The lotion is made of a 5% or 2% formula of Minoxidil for men and women, respectively.  The drug for scalp treatment can cause minor “shedding”, or initial hair loss of the thinner hairs lining the scalp.  It may also cause a dry, itchy scalp.

Allergic reactions to the topical lotion are not unheard of, though they do remain rare, occurring sometimes with the non-active ingredient, propylene glycol.  Nonetheless, reviews and forums alike are filled with a consistent flow of positive feedback concerning the results.  Most customers report results within two months though there are some claims that the product worked within a number of weeks.

Final Provillus Review

Among the online chatter of natural hair loss remedies, there seems to be an overcoming murmur pointing relatively clearly in the direction of Provillus.  Likewise, there is more and more information concerning the ingredients used, further promoting its reputation.  The capsule form of the treatment remains the most boasted all-natural formula for regrowing hair, while the topical lotion, said to have the fewest chance of side-effects, apparently works with this consumed formula to provide treatment from all angles.

With Provillus reviews across the internet citing noticeable results anywhere between several weeks and two months, this product remains at the forefront, and is one of the highest recommended hair loss treatments on the market today.

Official Website: Provillus

What Do You Think? Does Provillus Really Work?

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  1. I’m 29 and started losing hair at 24. Provillus helped, but I don’t think it is as effective as doing something like a hair transplant

  2. My husband complained about his hair loss for a couple of years until he got hold of Provillus. After around 3 months we both started to notice improvements. It’s nice to know that there is also no harsh chemicals at work too.

  3. I read literally 100’s of hair loss remedy reviews and eventually settled on Provillus after a friend of mine also mentioned how good it was. I’m only 5 weeks in to using it and i’m already noticing some hair growth again. Amazing product and so happy i picked it.

  4. I have read all information about provillus. Really; It is very interesting and wonderful things. Now a days millions of peoples are suffering from hair loss. Also I want to use this provillus. How can I obtain it?.

  5. I start using provillus a couple of weeks ago and I have lots of shedding on the top part of my scalp. Has anyone see this issue before?


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